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Decline to Sign is an unpaid group of concerned Ohioans committed to fighting back against the abortion industry’s extreme proposed amendment.

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Give what you can and we will steward it responsibly to make a difference for life as a voice for the voiceless. Note: donations made to Protect Women Ohio are not tax deductible

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Protect Women Ohio is a coalition of concerned family and life leaders, parents, health and medical experts, and faith leaders in Ohio focused on ensuring that radical out-of-state organizations aren’t able to rewrite our constitution to give Ohio one of the most extreme abortion laws in the country.

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This amendment is dangerous and extreme. It threatens parental rights and the health and safety of women in Ohio, and permits painful, late-term abortions.

This Dangerous Amendment Would:

Erase the basic rights of parents.

  • Parents would not need to provide consent or be notified before their minor daughter undergoes a life-altering procedure, like abortion or sex-change surgery.

  • Language similar to the language in the proposed amendment has been interpreted by courts to nullify parental notification and consent laws. Any law that “directly or indirectly” would “burden” or “interfere” with “reproductive decisions” is specifically forbidden - meaning parents could be cut out of the most important decisions their children make.

  • Amendment drafters like the ACLU have been fighting against parental rights for decades. Ohio parents are their latest target.

Jeopardize basic health & safety protections for patients when it comes to abortions.

  • The radical amendment would likely abolish existing health and safety protections for women, like those requiring that pregnant women seeking an abortion be screened and counseled by a licensed doctor who could transfer her to a hospital if something went wrong.

Allow painful, late-term abortions, even after 15 weeks and right up until the moment of birth.

  • The amendment would greenlight abortion all the way up to birth by giving abortionists the final say on what’s allowed.

  • Constitutional scholars Carrie Campbell Severino and Frank J. Scaturro recently wrote in their legal analysis that the amendment language would “effectively obliterate most limits to abortion or sex-change surgery.”

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